Sims Corner Steakhouse & Oyster Bar
PEI Oysters

Colville Bay

Colville Bay, Souris. Delightfully crunchy texture and sweet meat confirm their excellence. Starts off medium salt, then fills your mouth with nutty, popcorlike flavors, and finishes with a lingering floral lemon zest.

Daisy Bay

Rustico, PE. Daisy bay oysters are cold water oysters fed by nutrient rich tides from the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Available almost all year around and have a superior meat quality with a wonderful salty taste and sweet finish.

Lucky Limes

In the northern most reach of New London Bay between Cavendish and Cape Tyron, With the salty influx of Gulf of Saint Lawrence water, they develop a unique organic flavour and a bright green shell. They begin to feed heavily on the green algae so rich in the water. Lucky limes are plump, salty & very clean.

Shiny Seas

This cocktail grade oyster is the newest flavor offered from the skilled oyster growers in New London Bay. Meat is plump, 2.5” – 3”. Immediate salty taste and end with a subtle, sweet finish.

Conway Cups

Conway cups are grown on the sandy bottom of Cascumpec bay, which is the body of water that Foxly empties into. The shells of the conways are deeply cupped as well defined often with a pastel greenish hue. Full with a mild level of salinity and a sweet clean finish.

Cascumpec Bays

Full flavor, very meaty , with a salty finish. Grown in Tyne Valley in Foxly River by Marty O’Brien.

Raspberry Points

Raspberry Point take a whopping six to seven years to reach their standard 3 1/4-inch size. Raspberry Points are consistently good—salty like a Malpeque, but always nicely rounded and substantial, and famed for their clean finish.

Pickle Points

This rare oyster comes from Pickle Point, a point shaped like, yes, a pickle (squint hard), not far from Raspberry Point. Indeed, the same man, Scott Linklater, grows both oysters. What’s the difference between a Pickle and a Raspberry? Same yin-yang shape and greenish shell, pickles are a little older (7years at harvest) a little denser, they are plump and creamy-sweet.

Gooseberry Bay

Gooseberry bay, Summerside 2.5-3″ in size have a sweet and salty finish, that seem to resemble rapsberry point oysters.

Malpeque Oysters

Grown on the beds of Malpeque and Bedeque Bays. This famous oyster has a clean, characteristically ‘east coast’ tough, outer shell, while the meat on the inside is full and firm. An easy-to- shuck oyster due to its hard outer shell, the texture is buttery smooth and the taste is the perfect blend of sweetness and saltiness.


New London Bay, These oysters are smooth, caramel, taste to body, with a deep cup.

The Sims Story


Donald McIsaac erected this beautiful three storey brick building in 1862-1864 on Sims Corner, so called because the property had been in the possession of Thomas and Charlotte Alchorn Sims from 1806.


The most colourful owner and occupant of the building was Mr. P.P. Gillis, who ran the “Red Pharmacy” between 1895 and 1910.


A drug-store in the front half of the building and a reputed conviviality shop in the rear, proved very popular with local businessmen while prohibition was in effect. This location has also been a large family home, apartments and a barber shop.


In the fall of 2005 local restaurateur Kevin Murphy purchased the building and began the process of renovating to create what you are experiencing today.


Murphy Hospitality Group is proud to present you with Prince Edward Island’s first authentic Steakhouse, and “Atlantic Canada’s Premier Steakhouse Experience”.


Kevin and Kathy Murphy, along with operating partner, Craig MacMillan, hope that you enjoy your stay at Sims Corner and welcome you to join us in our philosophy that a relentless commitment to great steaks, big wine, and PEI hospitality come together to create the ultimate dining experience.

Chef Kyle Panton


One of the Island’s foremost culinary talents and homegrown chefs, Kyle Panton embraces a passion and philosophy that reflects a down-to-earth approach to preparing dishes from the abundance of PEI’s natural ingredients.


His love of cooking was ignited at an early age while watching his mother prepare family meals at his home in Belfast, PEI. He graduated from the world-renowned Culinary Institute of Canada and has apprenticed in Toronto under David Lee of Nota Bene and Victor Berry of Splendido and the County General.


He has been recognized locally and internationally for his ability to create award-winning dishes using fresh, locally sourced products. In 2012, Chef Kyle was awarded the PEI Flavours Local Food Award, a prize that celebrates and identifies the Island’s food culture at the Savour Food and Wine show. In 2013 he was awarded first place in the prestigious International Seafood Chowder Competition, which is part of the PEI Shellfish Festival. In 2014 he captured PEI’s Most Loved Burger, part of the PEI Burger Love campaign.


When the apron is off, Kyle likes spending time with his family and, depending on the season, working on his family owned farm (One Vision Farms), hunting, or playing hockey. He enjoys being a part of the vibrant culinary culture on the Island and looks forward to helping shape the future of PEI’s food industry.

Kellie MacKinnon


Q: Where are you from?

Kellie: I grew up in Grand Tracadie, PEI – close to Dalvay Beach.


Q: How did you get into the industry?

Kellie: I spent six summers at Dalvay By the Sea where I worked my way up from dishwasher to busser, to server, and then finally the daytime dining room manager.


Q: How long have you been at Sims?

Kellie: I’ve been at Sims for almost 10 years now – I started off serving, then moved to Assistant General Manager and now General Manager.


Q: What are you most excited about with your new role?

Kellie: I’m really excited to learn new things and see the ideas I have come to life.


Q: What are a few of your favourite Sims memories?

Kellie: I have a lot of great memories here! We all have so much fun together and I have met some of my best friends here. I guess it mostly comes down to meeting so many great people and really creating a work family.


Q: Someone is dining at Sims for the first time…what do you recommend to them?

Kellie: There are so many good options! For appetizers I would recommend choosing between some of our signature items: the Shrimp and Scallop Goat Cheese Bruschetta, our Steak Bread, or our Beef, Bacon & Bleu. For an entrée, I love our Gouda Cheese Crusted Tenderloin, and you can never go wrong with a side of Mac N Cheese. Dessert…definitely our Sticky Date Pudding or the Hazelnut Cheesecake with a scoop of Cows Toffee Ice Cream.

Steak Program


All of our beef is raised right here on Prince Edward Island. We work with Atlantic Beef Products, located in Borden, PEI. Atlantic Beef Products Ltd. prides quality over quantity by producing beef on a small scale. Their farmers feed their cattle a diet consisting of only potatoes and grain. This helps ensure each cut meets the strict requirements needed to reach the top classification of “Canadian Prime” and offers a distinct flavor making PEI beef a much sought after product.


Here at Sims, we try to enhance that flavor even more by aging our steaks for a minimum of 45 days (dry and wet age). Our beef is butchered right here at Sims to our own exacting specifications, providing you, our guests, with the absolute best quality there is. The staff at Sims are proud to serve high quality prime local beef that directly supports local farmers on the Island.